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Welcome to phiWIKI where you can find background information for the phi technology.



2005 - 2008 have been years of phi-Technology development, during which few pilot applications have been experimented.
2009 has been the milestone for phi SOLUTIONS: phi-Telemed went live and then came phi-Prescription
2010 - 2011 the just-acquired company, Insiel Mercato, moved to phi-Technology, merging the devl team with TBS and succesfully 
presented to its customers the strategy to renovate its client/server applications with phi-Solutions. 
New phi-solutions for clinical records, for outpatient management, and for cross-enterprise EMR sharing have been delivered 
and accepted by the customers. 
Therapy and medication at the point of care are ready-to-use.  
After the first success case of our new IHE-XDS Registry, in cooperation with O3 Enterprise (, 
we have an encouraging work-in-progress on IHE profiles implemented as ESB-SERVICES. Great cooperation on this matter 
with our best slovenian partner, Parsek (

2012 is the year of publishing renewing PHI-TECHNOLOGY DESIGNER and RE for improving usability, exstensibility 
and make the tool-suite more open. The roadmap is available here


Read about NEWS and EVENTS at Current events
PRESS release: who quotes phi-Technology Press
Read about the WIKI UPDATE more and less weekly updated


phi-Solutions are the reason why phi-Technology has been developed. 
Deliverying phi-Solutions is the pay-off for all the efforts behind phi-Technology.

  Read about the hottest PHI Solutions

User manual

Following the link that you can find in this section you can learn how to create a phi-Solution working with the DESIGNER. Ho w to use some BASIC and ADVANCED feature, How to create BUSINESS LOGIC and more. All the needed by PHI-SOLUTION developer needs is detailed phi-solution user manual

Clinical portals

Sneak a peak at the latest PHI Clinical Portal


Read about phi-Technology News, White Papers, Tips&Tricks, Downloading, Licensing, Release Plan, etc... at phi-Technology.

HL7 and phi-Technology

Everything about HL7 and phi-Technology at HL7-4-PHI .

Setting up a phi-Technology independent workgroup

If you are intentioned to become autonomous in the use of the phi-Technology to design and generate eHealth applications (called phi-Solutions) and to extend and enhance the framework to your specific needs, then the ideal team you would set up should inlude 4 to 5 people:

 - if your project is medium-large then you better have one team leader, expert in medical informatics and IT architectures
 - one or two domain experts (analysts), using the PHI DESIGNER to generate phi-Solutions
 - 2 Java developers, one expert in Eclipse Modeling Framework and one expert in J2EE for JBoss and Hibernate

If you would be in trouble with the enrolling of Java Developers you could work it out with ITAL TBS support services.

A support contract with ITAL TBS, even though not necessary, is recommendable.

PhiWiki policies

All submissions are requested to be in English!

Getting started with Wiki

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software. Link title

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